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How to maintain a motorcycle?

Taking care of your motorcycle is taking care of your own safety so there is no excuse for you to always have it in perfect condition and know how to maintain your motorcycle.

In addition to the maintenance and reviews that each brand advises for its motorcycles every certain number of miles, which will make you go through a workshop, its good condition on a day-to-day basis is your responsibility.

There are a series of cautions on how to maintain your motorcycle that you must take into account throughout the year and some especially important for a good maintenance of your motorcycle in harsh winters.

motorcycle maintenance

Every month of the year, and even more frequently if you travel many miles with your motorcycle every day, you have to stop for a few moments to check the following.


First things first and for a motorcycle to be healthy it has to be clean, in addition to being more beautiful, you can better check that everything is as it should and discover faults more easily. How to wash a motorcycle is simple, do it in the shade, with water, mild soapy products, sponges and you can even use a toothbrush to reach the smallest and most hidden corners. Once washed, dry it and circulate with it a little so that it releases the remaining water better before leaving it standing again.

The tires

It is important to inspect and maintain the tires. Not only if the drawing is sufficient and how is its wear, but it is also very important to control the air pressure. On a motorcycle, correct inflation is essential and greatly influences the behavior of the motorcycle while running, which is neither above nor below, but just at the pressure indicated by the manufacturer and check it when cold.


If your motorcycle has a chain drive, and not a belt or cardan, it requires special maintenance. To maintain the chain well, it is very important that it is always well greased and its tension is correct, that when raising and lowering it, it moves approximately one inch up and down, you can easily tension it at home without much difficulty acting on the tensioning bolts that you will see at the end of the swing arm and will make the wheel move backwards.

The breaks

motorcycle maintenance tips

If your motorcycle has disc brakes, you should check the fluid level by looking at the tanks, as well as ensuring that the circuit does not have leaks. If it is a drum, it regulates the tension of the cable until the touch and braking are adequate. Exactly the same happens with clutches, both hydraulic and mechanical by cable. In a disk brake you'll easily control the wear of the pads, you need to do it regularly so as not to damage the discs.


That the headlight burns out and we can't see at night is dangerous but easy to realize, however the rear light can burn out and go days and days without us discovering it. Just as important is to see how to be seen, check every week that the rear light works, do the same with the turn signals and test the horn from time to time, do not go to discover that it does not work when you need it most.


If the engine of your motorcycle is cooled by liquid and not by air it is important to check the coolant level. You should see that the level in the expansion vessel is between the maximum and minimum. With experience, it can be easily filled and replaced at home, but remember that you should never open the radiator cap while hot, you could suffer serious burns.

motorcycle maintenance guide


In most motorcycles it is very easy to check the engine oil level and although changing it requires more experience, it is something that we can also do at home. There are two main systems for checking the oil level: either by porthole or by dipstick. The first is a small round glass window where we see how far the oil reaches and the second a dipstick, normally attached to the cap itself, which indicates the level when it is inserted cleanly and removed again, seeing how far it has been stained with oil. Each model may require looking at the oil in a different way, consult the user manual to do it correctly.

Contact your local motorcycle servicing

The customer service experience we offer at Singleton Bike Shop is second to none. we offer a variety of service offers for your motorcycles to make sure that they're working at their full potential. Not getting your motorbike checked regularly may be a safety risk and a possible hazard to your life. By actively getting your bike checked and serviced you're improving the endurance and longevity of the vehicle and make sure that you won`t be wasting any time or money.

Not only can we do repair jobs we are able to also fit custom accessories and electronics to your bikes like lights and stereos. a local technician could be a great advantage to maintaining your bike so that you'll be able to be explained the difficulty and have the bike fixed and collected in a jiffy. Contact us today!


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