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Nowadays, the subject of driving trucks has a certain degree of danger, and to get to driving them requires certain consents, which we will mention in this post along with advice on long-distance refrigerated transport and the necessary cold equipment. What driving license do I need to be able to drive trucks? It must be remembered that the type B driving license allows us to drive a truck that does not exceed 3,500Kg in its Maximum Authorized Mass. In order for us to drive the trailers, it will be mandatory to be in possession of the type C permit, supplementing it with other documents for the authorization to carry trailers. To receive it, you must have reached the age of 21, not be lacking the right to drive and be able to pass a psychophysical aptitude test. If we have all of the above in order, we can take the theoretical exam, it consists of 20 multiple choice questions, which there is only a limit of 2 failures, having this we will need to pass the closed and open circ