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Nowadays, the subject of driving trucks has a certain degree of danger, and to get to driving them requires certain consents, which we will mention in this post along with advice on long-distance refrigerated transport and the necessary cold equipment.

What driving license do I need to be able to drive trucks?

It must be remembered that the type B driving license allows us to drive a truck that does not exceed 3,500Kg in its Maximum Authorized Mass. In order for us to drive the trailers, it will be mandatory to be in possession of the type C permit, supplementing it with other documents for the authorization to carry trailers.

truck driving

To receive it, you must have reached the age of 21, not be lacking the right to drive and be able to pass a psychophysical aptitude test.

If we have all of the above in order, we can take the theoretical exam, it consists of 20 multiple choice questions, which there is only a limit of 2 failures, having this we will need to pass the closed and open circuit.

  • Permission C1. It allows the driving of trucks with the weight between 3,500 and 3,700Kg with the possibility of incorporating a trailer if it does not exceed 750 Kg.
  • Permit C. To have this permit, the C1 permit is required. It allows driving with any type of truck with a Maximum Authorized Mass greater than 3,500Kg, with the possibility of incorporating a trailer weighing less than 750Kg.
  • C1 + E permit. It allows the license to drive crane trucks up to 7,500Kg of Maximum Authorized Mass and that do not exceed 12,000Kg.
  • ADR permit. With this type of card, you have the license to be able to transport dangerous goods.

I already have a truck license; can I drive now?

No. To be able to work as a truck driver, in addition to requiring the license, you must have the approval of the Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP). You have to complete a 140-hour course and then pass the exam. Once this is done, the user is allowed to develop the profession with a validity of 5 years that can be updated. This permit is mandatory for type C1, C, C + E and ADR dangerous goods cards.

Regulations for tires on heavy vehicles

Losing control in a large vehicle could lead to great dangers. For this reason, the maximum speed allowed is 90 km / h.

When we are going to change a new tire, they must be similar in terms of axle, make, model, and the speed and load codes must be identical. The depth of the tread found on the tread bands must be visible and must not present deformations or bare wiring.

truck driving safety tips

The different types of tires

There are different models of pneumatization, each one for different utility.

  • Adaptability for long distances.
  • Assorted items to be used on the road and works.
  • Specialized in terrains outside asphalt.

Depending on where the tire is to be installed, it has one sculpture or another. For the reason that some do not hold the same force.

  • Rating "F". They are the ones that are installed only on the steering axle.
  • Rating "D". They are used in the wheels that are housed in the drive axle.
  • Letter "T". It can only be installed on the trailer.

Are the wheels of my truck eternal?

No. The duration of the tires depends on the meteorological conditions in which they are, the way of driving, the condition of the roads on which it circulates, the inflation pressures and the weight that falls on them. The service life of a wheel on an exorbitant transportation vehicle is complex to know. Therefore, the condition of our tires must be checked once a year after 4 years of use.

Prevention is better than "saving"

A study of highways has found that 8% of trucks do not respect the minimum safe distance when following another truck.

truck driving training

When we talk about the use of the belt, we can see that 2.5% do not use it, which is mandatory, therefore we can say that only 29% of drivers of oversized vehicles do not use it.

When we use the mobile, smoke or eat while behind the wheel, they are considered the famous serious distractions, and these are the main causes of an accident on any road and of course a danger for other drivers. In a study it has been indicated that 3.5% of driver’s commit said irresponsibility when traffic is concentrated and 5.7% when traffic is light. There are other circumstances, such as the well-known fatigue, causing 3.7% of the trucks to occupy the lines of the road and even the adjoining lane.

If you are also a truck driver, do you agree to follow the regulations and said precautions?

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