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5 types of commercial batteries used in power projects

It is important to choose the ideal battery for your energy project. Knowing the types of batteries and choosing the best one is essential to find the right solution to your energy use problems. This article will take you through four main types of batteries that are used in power projects and will give you an overview of the pros and cons of them. 1. Lead acid Lead acid batteries are the oldest type of battery used. Until very recently, it was the only practical battery technology for storing solar electricity, according to Jpac Batteries . Lead-acid batteries are widely used in automobiles to provide the high current required by automobile starters. It is the same type of battery that you have in your cars, but the ones used for energy projects are usually much higher. This type of battery is also rechargeable, with a charge / discharge efficiency of 50% to 95%. The main benefits of lead acid batteries include: The technology is mature, and they are so reliable for most ener