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The Stages of the roof restoration

Bad weather, storms, falling trees, wear of time, the reasons for roof restoration of a castle are numerous and often unpredictable. Sometimes a simple repair will be enough to restore the waterproofing of the roof of your castle. However, in case of significant damage, you will need to call in a professional in order to roof restoration it more deeply. It is therefore recommended to check your roof at least once a year, and after each major episode of bad weather. A roofer can help you in this process.
Identify the origin of the problem in the castle roofTwo main reasons push the owners to undertake roof restoration of their castle:
Leakage problems manifested by water leaks, mold and the appearance of mosses and lichens. If these problems are not resolved quickly, they can encourage the appearance of the merule, a particularly harmful fungus for real estate.

The wish to improve the quality of life and habitat in the castle, by replacing old materials with new ones, more respectful of…