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How a gas heater works?

Here we explain how a gas heater works so you know how to choose a new one if you are thinking of changing the one you have: The gas heater is a device that does not accumulate water, so it is a cheaper solution than a water heater. In order for the heater to work you first need the gas supply to the house to be turned on. Gas is the fuel that will make it possible for the burner flame (which the heater has at its base) to ignite. The operation of the heater is based on a simple circuit: when you open a hot water tap, the gas ignites the flame, the cold water enters the boiler and circulates inside the coil. The coil is a spiral-shaped tube that when passing over the burner makes the water inside it heat up. Criteria for choosing heater In the market you will find many different types and models of water heaters, so it is important that you take into account a couple of essential factors when choosing the one that best suits your home: Identify the type of fuel available in yo