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Main Works For Bathroom Renovation

The price we have offered corresponds to that of a comprehensive reform. However, perhaps your intention is to carry out only a partial reform.Next we will tell you about the different works that can be carried out in the reform of a bathroom so you can get an idea of ​​how much each thing costs separately.

Change The Bathtub For A Shower :

In a previous article we already talked about the advantages of changing a bathtub for a shower tray . This type of reform can be done in a few days, and you can even find companies that do it in 24 hours, against the clock.The average price of changing a bathtub for a shower tray ranges from 500 to 2,000 euros , depending on the quality of the materials.For example, nowadays shower screens are usually installed for the comfort, aesthetics and hygiene they provide. Only the installation of a partition of average quality can cost you between 300 and 900 euros depending on the dimensions and materials used.In addition, sometimes when changing the bathtub for a shower it is necessary, in turn, to change the floor and wall coverings.

Change Bathroom Furniture :

When you decide to reform the bathroom, the most normal thing is to also change the furniture. This can help you add style and decorate the room.The average price of furnishing a bathroom of about 5 m² is around € 2,000, always depending on the quality of the materials.
Bathroom Renovation 

Comprehensive Bathroom Reform Or Small Reform :

The type of reform that we want to do in the bathroom may vary according to our budget.If we have more money it is possible to undertake a comprehensive reform by changing all the elements, from the pipes to the electrical installation. On the other hand, if we have a smaller budget, between 500 and 1,000 euros, small reforms or works can also be carried out to give a new look to the bathroom.You don't really need to invest a lot of money to have an updated bathroom. For example, an inexpensive alternative is to renovate it by painting the walls with synthetic enamel or moisture resistant vinyl. The price of these materials is similar to what you would buy to use in the kitchen.
For bathroom floors, a current trend is to apply epoxy paint, which is very resistant, or anti-humidity and adherent coatings.But the undisputed star of cheap bathroom renovation are bathtub-shower-tray changes. We have already talked about its price, and it is that for about 700 euros you can have a new shower tray installed and ready to be used in less than 48 hours.As for the furniture, today it is possible to find cheap bathroom furniture with a modern style in large commercial areas.From here, the price will depend on each person and their aspirations and choices for their future bathroom. The important thing is to plan something simple, of quality and lasting, but that you also love.

Compare Bathroom Reform Budgets :

At Cronoshare, as a platform that connects clients and local service professionals (as in the case of reforms), we always recommend requesting several detailed estimates that include the same concepts for which you want to do the work.Therefore, it is important to have at least 4 budgets and analyze which is the cheapest and the most expensive. From there you can see the other proposals based on that minimum and that maximum.
It is important to specify the details of the reform well in front of the professional so that he can budget correctly. Let him visit the bathroom at least once before the reform, and take measurements and photos of what he deems appropriate.Since the reforms usually last several days (or weeks), it is important that you choose a professional whose style and personal treatment suits you. You must be able to feel some comfort and you need to be able to trust their word and their professionalism.Ask for budgets for bathroom reforms for your peace of mind and remember: ask everything you don't know. Once the reform begins, it will be more difficult to change things or correct them.

Example Of A Bathroom Reform Budget :

As you have already seen, the final price to reform a bathroom will depend on several factors, such as the quality of the materials and the square meters occupied by the room.Another factor that we have not discussed, but that also influences the price, is the location of the home in which the reform is to be carried out. The reform of a bathroom does not cost the same in a city like Madrid as in another like Valencia.However, the national average price for this type of reform is between 1,500 and 2,000 euros, as we have already seen.Now we are going to give an example of a budget for the reform of a 5.5 m2 bathroom. At the end of the whole we will indicate each of the budget items already broken down.
Bathroom Renovation 

Debris And Demolitions :

This section is especially necessary when your intention is to carry out a comprehensive reform. To achieve your goal it is necessary that you get rid of everything that included the bathroom at first.Specifically, this section includes tasks such as the removal or demolition of tiles, plaster and plaster. It would also incorporate works such as lifting toilets and, if necessary, dismantling doors and accessories, and flashing.To all this we would have to add the rubble in the container and its transport to an authorized landfill, which implies fees that must be included.In total, these rubble and demolition tasks are usually priced at around 500 euros .

Renovation Of Facilities :

We have already commented that it is usually advisable to renew the electrical and plumbing installation. In this section we are going to delve a little deeper into these renovation and we also want to talk to you about the possibilities in terms of heating.

Plumbing :

Experts recommend changing the plumbing installation when you are over 15 years old. In addition, it is most recommended that the new installation be carried out using materials that offer great resistance against pressures and temperatures.In this sense, copper is the preferred material for transporting water in homes.When setting the price, it is important to assess what the initial configuration of the installation was. In any case, this part of the reform usually costs around 375 euros .

Electricity :

Two risk factors come together in the bathroom: water and electricity. That is why it is so important to keep the electrical installation up-to-date and in accordance with what is established in REBT (Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation) .The most basic electrical installation would include a box located in the bathroom for two ceiling light points, another wall light point, a double switch, and a single plug. The plugs must respect the minimum safety distances established in the regulations.In short, all this can come out for a price of around 220 euros .

Heating :

Finally, in terms of facilities we can only talk about heating. It is usual to consider the option of installing a heating system or, if you already have one, you can decide to check the circuit.In addition, today there are several alternatives that can be very useful, such as towel radiators.The estimated price for the installation or revision work of a heating system is 140 euros .

Flooring And Coverings :

Another of the usual steps in the reform of a bathroom is the replacement of floor and wall tiles. In fact, it represents a large part of the total budget for the reform.

Floors :

When choosing a flooring material you will find that there are many options available. We have already talked about most of them: wood, microcement, stoneware ... The latter is usually the most recommended.The price of laying floors for a 5.5 m2 bathroom can be around 400 euros .
Bathroom Renovation 

Walls :

Wall cladding is something we have already discussed as well. Laying mosaics and ceramic tiles can cost around 30 euros per square meter. On the other hand, the price of the tiles is between 15 and 30 euros per square meter.You can also choose to join one of the newest trends in cladding: marble bathrooms, textured or embossed tiles, geometric tiles to create optical games, or industrial-style tiles.

Others :

Sometimes it is not enough to reform the cladding of the walls and the floor, but other interventions are also carried out, such as the installation of false ceilings in plasterboard or aluminum.The cost of these works is estimated at around 80 euros .

Bathroom Toilets :

The last item to make a budget for the reform of a bathroom is the one related to toilets. The equipment will be decisive when establishing the aesthetics of the bathroom.Next we are going to delve a little more into the different types of sanitary that are usually included in a bathroom and their price.

Washbasin With Taps :

You can choose from several options: hanging on the wall, standing or attached to a piece of furniture. Actually, the latter is the most practical since, if it is a cabinet with drawers, it can also serve as a storage tool.A mid-range sink with the included taps can cost you around 250 euros .

WC Toilet :

The price of this toilet will depend on several factors: if it is on the floor or suspended, if the tank is flush or not ...To give you an idea, a toilet can have an average price that is around 200 euros .

Bidet With Taps :

The same happens with the bidet as with the cistern and the WC; It can be placed on the floor or suspended. In the second case, the price usually increases.We offer you the average price of a bidet with taps, which is at 100 euros .

Shower Tray + Screen :

Currently the most common is to choose to place a shower tray instead of a bathtub. We have already discussed some prices previously. In any case, the price will depend on the size and materials.On average, a shower tray and the corresponding screen can cost around 700 euros .

Sanitary And Shower Installation :

And now we can only talk about the price of assembly and installation of all these elements, which, of course, also has a certain cost.In total, the price of this activity is usually around 650 euros .


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