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How To Motorbike Spares Choose And Change It

The power steering motorbike spares is designed to have the same useful life as the Bike , but only when the system does not leak fluid during operation. The most common causes of power steering failure are the use of low-quality fluids or the regular non-replacement of the same. Read our article to learn how to avoid mistakes when choosing and replacing hydraulic fluid.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Causes of Motorbike Spares Steering Fluid Deterioration

The enormous demands placed on power steering and the sudden pressure drops in the system lead to a premature deterioration in the quality of the oil. Our experts indicate the four most important reasons why oil deteriorates:


excessive and intense use of power steering (driving aggressively);
damage to the integrity of the system;
fluid without the technical requirements of the vehicles.
In new vehicles, bypass protection valves are used to care for system parts from damage.

When To Change The Power Steering Fluid

Almost all racing teams, including Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Ford, recommend that the fluid be replaced once every 1-2 years or every 100,000 kilometres. The following indicators are diagnostics that an unplanned oil change is necessary:
color change, darkening of the oil;
sudden burning smell;
increased resistance when turning the steering wheel;
presence of abnormal sounds when turning the steering wheel;
fluid loss

It is also necessary to change motorbike spares the fluid when a repair of the pump or any other component of the power steering has been carried out. The use of oil whose original properties have been lost is not suitable and could cause damage to the pump or reels, causing premature wear of the sealing elements. In certain cars, such as the Toyota Corolla, Subaru Imprecate and practically all Volkswagen cars, there is no possibility to change the sealing elements. If they wear out, a new power steering system will need to be fitted.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

How to choose a motorbike spares power steering 

There are several main types of fluids:

1. Mineral

They have refined petroleum fractions motorbike spares and additives that improve the properties and increase the performance of the oil. The most important pro of mineral fluids, not counting the price, is that they do not aggressively impact rubber-made elements. However, their shelf life is short and they tend to foam more.

2. Semi synthetic

Its composition has mineral and also synthetic motorbike spares substances. A lower degree of viscosity, resistance to foaming and good lubrication are the main pros of this product. Semi-synthetic fluids, however, destroy the rubberized elements that make up the power steering.


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