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How a gas heater works?

Here we explain how a gas heater works so you know how to choose a new one if you are thinking of changing the one you have:

The gas heater is a device that does not accumulate water, so it is a cheaper solution than a water heater. In order for the heater to work you first need the gas supply to the house to be turned on. Gas is the fuel that will make it possible for the burner flame (which the heater has at its base) to ignite. The operation of the heater is based on a simple circuit: when you open a hot water tap, the gas ignites the flame, the cold water enters the boiler and circulates inside the coil. The coil is a spiral-shaped tube that when passing over the burner makes the water inside it heat up.

water heater

Criteria for choosing heater

In the market you will find many different types and models of water heaters, so it is important that you take into account a couple of essential factors when choosing the one that best suits your home:

  • Identify the type of fuel available in your home (natural gas or butane gas).
  • Calculate the consumption of hot water you need at home (based on the number of people and bathrooms in the home) to identify the production capacity that your new heater should have.
  • Take into account the place where you are going to install the device.
  • Find out about the different types of heaters according to their type of ignition and assess their advantages, whether with pilot flame, electronic, atmospheric, watertight or by hydrogeneration.

How to save with a gas heater

Saving with a gas heater is possible. The first step is to check the state of the device and make sure that the heater is in perfect condition, without leaks and make sure that the taps do not leak. Another point to take into account is the use of appliances with the highest energy rating, so they will need less hot water to work.

  • Consider the location of the heater. The closer you are to the place of use, the less heat loss there will be.
  • Choose a heater with automatic ignition since in addition to comfort, you gain security because you avoid forgetting it when you stop using hot water.
  • A heater with a modulating system consumes 20% less energy. These modulate the power of the flame according to the gas flow rate and heat the water without mixing it with cold water.
  • Regulates the water and gas opening systems. To find the optimal balance between the water and gas flow, the higher the water flow, the lower the temperature and the higher the gas outlet, the hotter it will come out.
  • Make sure the flame is always blue. Otherwise it indicates that a bad combustion is taking place.
  • Perform preventative maintenance. For this you can count on the manufacturer's technical service.

The most frequent heater errors you should know

The heaters provide us with much-needed sanitary hot water in our home. It is an electrical appliance that is not lacking in any house as it achieves a highly esteemed level of comfort and convenience. Having hot water without interruptions or incidents is achieved by having an optimal functioning of these devices. Therefore, it is important to know how they work.

The heaters can suffer from breakdowns and errors in its operation like any other appliance in our home. The appropriate technical service will give us a solution to our problems, but it will be useful to know what the main incidents that can occur are. In this way we can know if we are having a correct use of our heater.

One of the main errors that we can find in heaters is associated with the water pressure. An inadequate pressure can cause a multitude of failures in our appliance. Therefore, it is important to check that this parameter is correct when our heater does not work properly. All heaters usually include a barometer to monitor this point.

The optimum water pressure for the operation of a heater is 1.5 bar. The lack of pressure can be due to clogged pipes (mainly the coil) and to solve this, the sediments that prevent the correct flow of water should be cleaned and removed. This way we could get enough water to our heater and we can get it to work properly.

Another error that usually occurs in the heater is because it does not turn on to heat the water. The ignition of the heaters is one of the most frequent problems and many times it is due to ignorance of the operation of our appliance. There are several types of ignition that can present varied incidents.

In heaters with automatic ignition, the ignition works thanks to a membrane that, when it receives the flow of water, causes the procedure to start the appliance. If this membrane deteriorates, this process will not be carried out so we will not have the water at the temperature we want. It will be necessary for a technical service to carry out a repair.

Before the errors in the heaters it is best to go to a technical service

In manual ignition heaters it may happen that the necessary spark for ignition is not produced. This error can be caused by various problems. The appliance may need an expert cleaning. It can also occur due to defects or wear of mechanical parts and it is necessary to replace them.

hot water heater

Another of the common mistakes in heaters is that they stop providing hot water suddenly. This is one of the most unpleasant circumstances because it usually catches us in the middle of a shower and we suffer a sudden change in temperature. The origin of this type of error can be due to different causes.

The most common is that the safety relay trips due to excessive accumulation of gases. It is a safety measure to avoid accidents. It may be due to the fact that the evacuation of gases is not sufficient because the chimney or draft is incorrectly installed. It is also because it needs more ventilation for the correct evacuation of gases. There may also be some kind of obstruction that needs to be cleared.

Remember in any case to go to a hot water technician in case of breakdown. With their experience they can solve all kinds of problems.

To have complete peace of mind and avoid these types of errors, it is best to have an installation company such as Green Planet Plumbing. It will provide you with the quality heater you need for your home.


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