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10 keys to designing wine labels

Be clear about one thing: the first thing they will see of your wine is the label. Although we have been taught all our lives not to judge a book by its cover, we are sorry, but this will be the case many times with your wines.

custom wine labels

The importance of a good label design is fundamental, it is the "clothes" that you dress your wine bottle and, therefore, the first thing that will attract the attention, or not, of your products. Its design and image will be factors that will decisively influence the customer's purchase choice, especially if you have just launched your wine on the market or if they do not know your brand. Thus, you will have to get the customer to fix their eyes on your bottle from a wide range of similar wines to choose from. That is the challenge.

You can stand out for many different aspects - simplicity, originality, style, creativity, color ... -. But, don't worry, you don't have to stand out in all of them but you should look for the design that best suits your products and brand image. And faced with such an assortment of possibilities, we propose you a series of practical tips on how to get it right with a good label design for your wines.

Why is wine labeling important?

Many times purchases are made for the appearance of the product. And the same thing happens in the world of wine. The consumer who does not know your winery and wine will take into account its label and the description found in it to make their final decision about the purchase. Therefore, the value of the aesthetics of the labeling is very high and will be a very important element in the digital marketing strategy of your wines.

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Keys when designing wine labels

1. Reflection of your brand identity. It is not just about putting the name of your wine on the label, but about getting it to convey the essence of the product. The label has to be part of the branding of your brand and, in this way, reflect the nature of your brand, your history, your image, your colors and the message that you have determined in your brand strategy.

2. Surprise the consumer. Getting their attention and generating certain sensations in the consumer with a simple glance at your bottle will be key. Try to risk with the design so that the client finds something that is not expected. This will make you stand out from the rest.

3. Create something identifying, that is remembered. Doing something original and creative for the labeling of your wines will make the consumer remember your bottles more easily. Thus, you will quickly search and identify them at other times.

4. Design for your target. It will not do any good if you make a perfect design, but that it does not identify with your target audience. It will not be the same, for example, to address a " millennial " audience, which is more focused on design, crafts, ecological and transgressive; than to " senior " consumers, who may feel more identified with classic and traditional design lines. Focus on your ideal client when designing the labeling of your wines.

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5. Limited space, take advantage of it. It is your cover letter. Do not waste space in your bottle in descriptions that do not have to do with the essence of the wine that it carries. Take advantage of the label to differentiate your wine and winery from the rest of the competitors and talk about the sensations that the customer will find when they open it and taste it.

6. Bet on differentiation according to the market. It is important to know that not all markets are the same. Therefore, if you export your wines to other countries, it will be a good idea to make different labels for the same product depending on the market you are targeting.

7. Take care of the quality and type of label. Remember that, in addition to being consistent with the wine you are wearing, it must be resistant and withstand humidity, different temperatures, etc.

8. Key facts to read on the bottle. The design is not at odds with the information and there will be certain data that cannot be missing on the label so that the customer can know what he is buying and if it is to his liking: year of harvest, variety of grape, appellation of origin, name of the producer, amount of wine contained in the bottle and alcohol content, among other possible data.

custom wine labels

9. Don't try to copy your competitor. No matter how successful it is in the market, never try to copy its design. Try to find your focus: your own story, and to create something unique and unrepeatable.

10. When should you change the label of your wine? If you are aware that your sales have dropped, redesigning your brand and labeling the bottles will boost your image and get people to talk about your winery again. 

If you want more info, visit our Wine Design blog and see some of our helpful info articles about wines.You may also contact us for custom wine label design inquiries.



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