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Print advertising brochures online

Advertising brochures are one of the most widespread marketing tools used by companies of all sectors and of all sizes: from small local or self-employed businesses to large multinationals. And when they all coincide, it will be that they are useful.

The benefits that brochures bring to a well-designed and structured marketing plan are real, but to be truly effective, print advertising must be quality. For this reason, trust a printing company like Jennings Print, an online printing company, an expert in printing high-quality personalized brochures for companies.

printing brochures

Although it may seem that this type of advertising product is the last link in the marketing chain, the truth is that it is one of the most used tools and that gives the best results. But as long as they are used in the right way, starting with their own design.

The layout of the brochure

Whether it is a diptych, a triptych, or a simple page, that simple paper is the cover letter of a company or business and, as such, it must be consistent with the entire graphic line and the brand image of the firm in question.

Think about the content you want to include in the brochure and, then, choose the format that best suits you, keeping in mind that it is always good to include an eye-catching image, that part of the text should be in a larger font that captures attention and That fits all the information you need with enough margin so that it is not crowded or in an impossible to read font size.

It is important to remember that well-designed brochures are much more effective for the simple fact that they are inviting to read. If, in addition to a careful design, it has a professional and quality finish, it will make a clear difference with the competition and will meet the promotional and informational objectives for which it was created.

The possibilities of this product are multiple so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Booklets can be stapled, paperback bound, folded, split and folded, just folded, singer stitched ...

advertising brochures

In addition, in this type of product, papers of different weights can be used, to suit each client, such as gloss or matte coatings, special papers, offset ... and use finishes or not. Among the finishes you can choose glossy or matte laminated, serigraphs or stampings, for example.

Company brochures

This marketing tool is widely used by companies because they serve as a cover letter not only for a brand, but also for a promotion, an event or a particular product and can be used to inform both customers and suppliers or the public in general.

But, in addition to communicating specific information, at the same time, it transmits a quality brand image. For this reason, despite the increasingly used online marketing, this type of printed promotional products continues to be effective, both to encourage sales and to reinforce the image of the company.

Digital printing

In the graphic world we offer all the possibilities to our clients to print their advertising brochures in the size and format they want and, always, with the most competitive price in the market. You can request your budget online and make the order.

digitan printing services

In addition to different formats, you can choose from a multitude of finishes. Our company is specialized in digital printing so we can make all the combinations that you can think of, you just have to decide what you want to have and we will design and print the best advertising brochures you can count on.  Contact Jennings Print today!


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