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Purchase of "investment diamonds"

If you are thinking about investing in diamonds, you should know all the details about the specific type "investment diamond." It is an especially safe and profitable investment instrument that can suppose an excellent acquisition to your investment portfolio.

investment diamonds

What are investment diamonds?

Investment diamonds are cut and polished gemstones, which have many particular characteristics regarding symmetry, cutting, purity and weight. Traditionally, the 4C is used to refer to Cut, Color, Carat (or Carat by its English denomination) and Clarity. 

The diamonds with the best qualifications in these aspects are of the highest quality and, as such, they are scarce and precious. For this reason, they require a certificate of authenticity and quality issued by a house of international prestige. 

The GI (Gemological Institute) is the most accredited institution in the world when it comes to diamond valuation and certification. Diamonds certified by the GI laboratory are registered on their website to attest to the authenticity of the certificate. Also, the laboratory itself provides a micro-laser engraving service of the certificate number on the diamond belt.

Who can you buy investment diamonds for?

The purchase of this type of diamond should be made to a professional gemologist who has excellent professional references and long experience assessing high-quality Diamonds, paying particular attention to colour, Clarity and cut them. 

This professional has to be graduated by the GI and have an adequate team to examine the diamonds. This includes a digital microscope and all kinds of tools for colour comparison, symmetry analysis and other variables to consider when evaluating a diamond.

To provide the best price, both in the sale and in the purchase, you should be aware of the updated market prices and have contacts, both with the most important diamond exchanges in the world, and with the mining companies diamonds Only in this way will you be able to avoid the surcharges that inter mediation can have for the final sale price.

Finally, it is necessary that the gemologist be able to respond when it comes to wishing to sell the diamond, so that he can place it easily in the world markets at a fair price.

What are the 4 most important elements to assess a diamond?

- Weight: The "carat" is measured in carats and is, perhaps, the primary and most important factor. The larger diamonds are scarcer, which is also more expensive.

- Colour: The whitest and transparent diamonds are the most valued because once Carved, they give off a higher luminosity. The GI established an alphabetic system to qualify the colour of cut diamonds, with the "D" being the grandest attributed diamond and the "Z," the letter that refers to diamonds somewhat yellowish and brownish.

- Cut: Regardless of its shape, the proportions of the diamonds determine its "cut." The symmetry between its parts, the uniformity, the depth of the pavilion, as well as the height of the crown are the basic features. 

The cut is the only element in which the hand of man intervenes and can significantly influence the value of a diamond. It should be borne in mind that an aesthetically attractive or innovative cut does not have to be a good investment. 

On the contrary, the passage of time could make it go out of fashion and lose much of its value. It is recommended to opt for the cut called "bright" that was invented in 1.916, and that is used as a reference for any gem with a round cut. It is, without a doubt, the most valuable.

- Purity: Also known as "clarity" refers to the presence or absence of defects and inclusions, both inside and on the surface of a cut diamond. The cleaner and purer it is, the better it will reflect the light, the brighter it will be, and the more valuable it will be.

How to know if an investment diamond is expensive or not?

Assuming that the diamond quality test has been adequate and Argyle Diamond Investments are facing a right investment diamond, the most effective way to check if Argyle Diamond Investments are paying a fair price for the diamond Argyle Diamond Investments buy is to examine the lists. 

It is a collection of indexes that are published every 3 or 4 days, indicating the cost in dollars of diamond transactions that are being made internationally. This list is public and known throughout the world so that it is impossible to deceive a buyer who takes the appropriate measures. 

It is advisable that the price offered by the seller does not exceed the market price by more than 7% so that the seller can obtain a profit and, at the same time, suppose a good investment for the buyer.

In short, the "investment diamonds" are a more than valid alternative to enrich and diversify our investment portfolio, especially if Argyle Diamond Investments want to provide a safety bonus. And, as always, if you have any questions, Argyle Diamond Investments will try to resolve it through the comments.


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