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What To Expect When Seeing A Psychologist For The First Time

They realize that you are a unique person Transcend Health yes you might have anxiety like some of their other patients or clients but you are unique in yourself and the way that you experience anxiety might be very different from someone else who experiences anxiety or some of the things that you enjoy doing with your spare time might actually help you with the problem.

That you've gone to see them for physiotherapist so bear with them answer the questions the more they know you the better shape they're in to help you they might interrupt you or redirect you now psychologists know that you've gone there and you have a lot to say and you want to give them the most accurate picture of what's going on for you and how you feel about it.

And you just want to get it all for your chest physiotherapy at the one time but the first session is often an information gathering session so your psychologist might be asking you about so many different things and trying to construct a timeline in their own brain if they're interrupting you please be assured that often in the second session.

The third session and many sessions Transcend Health beyond then they will have the time to listen to how this is affecting you and you'll have the space to release the emotions and feel like they understand but in the first session they may need to push you along a little bit just so that they can get an idea of the whole picture and then they'll come back to the little parts be prepared to be asked about your risk most of the time a psychologist will ask whether.

You're feeling suicidal or like harming yourself in a exercise physiology first visit this is part of their job a psychologist has signed an oath to keep their clients safe and if they don't know if their clients are at risk or not they can't do their job properly so they will ask some really hard and uncomfortable questions sometimes and psychologists really encourage you to be honest.

They are not going to be shocked and surprised if you tell them that you have had some thoughts or you have done something to yourself in the past physiotherapist newcastle they will often take that information in and in the scheme of the session that you've had make a plan to keep you safe and to work with you to get better rather than stay stuck where you are now please be assured.

That psychologists can not lock people up in a psych ward psychologists know a lot of people don't tell psychologists they're feeling at risk because they're exercise physiology newcastle worried about the old straitjacket please know that we can't do that in Australia we simply do not have the power to lock people up but if we do think.

That you're an immediate risk of harming Transcend Health yourself we might call others in for help but we'll always let you know before that happens finally you might walk away from your first session feeling a bit worse not a bit better now this is because usually we've stirred up a lot of emotions.

We've talked about things that you've avoided or we've talked about things that have been bothering you for quite some time so it's just brought it all to the surface leaving you exercise physiologist newcastle feeling emotional exhausted over it please know that in most cases you will feel better the longer that you're attending sessions and you'll notice


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