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Performing a Sydney Building Inspections

So we know what is put in building inspections sydney so we know this damage has happened since then here you can see we have a little bit more moving here so this wall is actually being pushed in like this we have a crack here so that also is coming like this you can see this continues it may continue all the way back into the basement foundation wall so that's something I need to take a better look at back behind that water heater.

So I'll probably have to try to work my way back in behind the laundry there but they have to fix the water and like I say most recommendations would be to proxy inject reseal the backside of this just get this sealed up because you can see this efflorescence that's all your middle when the water evaporates so this is a fairly significant issue that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Sydney Building Inspections

It doesn't become bigger because that wall will just continue to this is actually where we're doing the suction for the radon mitigation system they put a flex pipe all the way around kind of like a subsurface drainage system this is all sealed liquid nail may not be exactly the best type of sealant but it is secure I can't move anything it's all tight and I like I say.

I definitely could hear air movement on the roof when we're in the garage we'll look at the you tube and see what our backyard meetings are Sydney Building Inspections when I was on the outside of the house I did see some crawl space fans but in here I can't see any we would like to really see some some venting still going on although now that they've sealed this a lot of people will eliminate those and they'll actually use our HVAC system to event this area.

We'll use conditioned air down here makes a warmer floor but it also seems to work really well in our climate different climates different areas the country have different venting requirements just like an addict when I'm going to Karl's base I take a picture maintenance reports before I go on I take a picture afterwards that way if somebody ever says you left the curl out the crawlspace the door the attic access door off you can say you did now.

Sydney Building Inspections

What happens is you know we point out a lot of issues and they get the next contractor coming to look at something he may Construction Inspection not put it together right or like this here this trim was loose and damaged before we went into it you may be accused of causing that damage so if we have a picture before we were pictures inside it pictures coming out just like a furnace we take a picture before we take it apart take a picture the data take and take a picture one's back together running.

That way we can only show that we put things together it's kind of your trail of work now we wanted to look see if we could see anything back in this corner mould inspection report and actually unfortunately it's going to be the bathroom so we may or may not be able to see this where that crack goes to we're going to come back here and look and yeah we can't see anything this is the tile but see this right here you can see this tiles popping apart that could either be water damage or it could be that foundation crack


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