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Performing a Building Inspections Newcastle

I usually look around the neighborhood when I live in a house the smaller the kids the smaller the pads the lighter I like to see that load set it is functioning Building Inspections Newcastle so now we're going to lower check our optic eyes those are more for your car well we have the door open it's a good time to look at our drive our groj floor it looks good we'll be checking this door momentarily I will note the missing drywall although that's not part of a firewall so that's not a safety issue okay.

That works and now here we have a solid or a newer door if we have an old door with non tempered glass I usually write that up as one as a safety hazard for children also it may be a theft issue so if it make it too easy to come in someone you might come in and break in so I do like to bring that up to my clients especially if they ever have it leaving this door on lock here I'm going to be looking at our trusses things like that look for cracking.

I just kind of look at the whole you know general shape of this garage over here we'll come in and we'll take a look at this window it's too high to operate but we can see if we have crack glass things like that at this point it looks good a newer window would be temporary okay now we're going to talk about the Attic inspection today we're not going to go in there just because this is a trained inspection but we have an attic access here it's pretty small but it looks like.

I can safely get in there we're gonna lay it on drop claws I can say I have inside ladders so I'm going to put inside ladder here we want to make Building Inspections Newcastle sure it's secure that we don't have any problems I also brought my air naxi sign up that asked people to please stay off it you know that we we don't want to worry about any little kids things like that I talked to my clients they're not allowed on my attic all my ladders so that way we don't have that issue.

When I'm in the Attic now if you can safely enter the attic you're supposed to enter the attic you know we don't just not inspect an attic because we don't want to inspect an attic you know standards of practice you know if it's safe we need to go up there and look at it you know we're going to look at the amount of insulation the type of insulation in the real structure are we Trust is how we rafters things like that we also want to look for our venting system.

if it's adequate or not if we can see pre-purchase building inspections sometimes there's so much insulation we can't see we want to look at the wire and make sure we don't have any exposed wire splices missing junction box covers do our bathroom fans actually bent through the roof that's something I look at when I'm on the roof see if I can see them but I also look through here in the Attic to make sure.

That we we have a good banking system if we discharge our bathroom fans in the Attic we can get a mold problem so attic ventilation is really really critical the amount of insulation you know a lot of times we'll be recommending more for efficiency things like that and does our roof structure look good you know we talked on the outside of the house.


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